FORUMPISCINE is today paired with a new exhibition project dedicated to the area around the swimming pool (whether private or public, natural, biological or thermal), to present outdoor products and services for any private, private for public use, or public context, i.e., the park of a sport centre, a camping site or a holiday village, a resort, a wellness centre, a spa or any facility devoted to hospitality, including urban green spaces, city parks, large terraces, home or condominium gardens.

OUTEX is a wide-ranging event designed to highlight excellent design options for outdoor spaces, with solutions for outdoor leisure activities and wellness. It is a B2B (Business-to-Buyer) event, where buyers may be private individuals or companies, as well as facility managers or the Public Administration.


The exhibition project has been conceived to respond to the interests of a wide and varied public of potential visitors:

  • Industry professionals (designers, agronomists, landscape designers, architects, urban planners);
  • Private companies operating in the facility management area, buyers of sports centres, fitness and wellness clubs, swimming pools, wellness and spa centres, hotels and resorts, farm tourism facilities, camping sites, tourist villages, water parks;
  • Garden centres, home designers;
  • Private owners of one or more houses with a garden;
  • The Public Administration.


  • Outdoor furniture and set-up
  • Design and regeneration of green spaces
  • Construction of parks and gardens
  • Maintenance and sustainability for the environment
  • Products and equipment for wellness and outdoor leisure activities